Catastilian Empire
Political Information
Type of Government Constituent Monarchy
Head of State Catastilian Emperor
Societal Information
Capital Broxohl
Language Catastilian
Currency Kecs
Establishment ca. 1520 A.F
Dissolutionment N/A
The Catastilian Empire is a large imperial state encompasing much of Agua Tierra. Catastilia is split into two main dependencies, Mainland Catastilia and the Colonies, both of which are governed by the Catastilian Parliament.

History Edit

The Catastilian Empire was founded in 1521 A.F. as the union of the 5 kingdoms of Catastilia merged into one nation. Its first Prime Minister was Maximilian Rogerwell who won the election a year afterwards, and its first Emperor was Arthur Marlsor, who was chosen by the previous 5 kings.

The Catastilian Empire started the colonisation of the Esago Islands in 1575 starting with the island of Al Carlnos where a large city of the same name was built.

Colonial Dependencies Edit

The Eleven Colonies Edit

  • Al Carlnos
  • El Corissicano
  • Erito Setilarico
  • Mia Naforitchi
  • Intar Samasitia
  • Sentorica
  • Sant Kalimarno
  • Sant Pellerigo
  • Kantinegro
  • Gui Gorngudta
  • Lothimia