United Colonies
Political Information
Type of Government Colonial Parliament
Head of State Lord Protector
Societal Information
Capital El Corissicano
Language Catastilian
Currency Kecs
Establishment 1673 A.F
Dissolutionment N/A
The United Colonies is a union of several islands that wish to enforce changes towards Catastilian Empire due to the raising of tax only in the colonies. The movement is led by General Sandor Markston, a former member of the Catastilian Navy, and has the backing of many military personnel from the colonies.

History Edit

In 1672, the Catastilian Parliament decreed that the men of the colonies must pay more tax towards the state, whereas mainlanders' tax remained at an all time low. The following year General Sandor Markston rallied many people at first across the island of El Corissicano, and eventually got support from veterans, soldiers and workers from Intar Samasitia to Lothimia.

Allegiant Islands Edit

  • Al Carlnos
  • El Corissicano
  • Erito Setilarico
  • Intar Samasitia
  • Sentorica
  • Sant Kalimarno
  • Sant Pellerigo
  • Gui Gornudta

Military Edit

Colonial Soldiers

Colonialist Soldiers

The Colonial Military is mainly made up of people who previously served in the Catastilian Navy or the current garrison of an allegiant island. Due to this, Colonialist soldiers are usually suited to naval warfare, him most likely being trained as either a marine or a sailor.

The Military is led by General Sandor Markston, who received the rank colonel within the movement. Previous admirals, captains and other generals of the Catastilian Navy also serve as commanders of the Colonial Military.

A Colonial Marine or Soldier can be identified by their blue tunic and pith helmet, however Catastilians are also known to wear pith helmets. Each soldier is also equiped with a chamberlain bolt-acton rifle